Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Being my wife for the past 36 years ,she's the best that I'd ever have caused I never had a second wife to compare(he he he he).Anyway she really take care of me,even though she is busy taking care of the 8 cats that we have.A good cook and she is" Mrs Clean".Sometimes we talk about life and most of stories ended with a laughter.One thing I don't like when chatting with her.In her stories it always me who die first and told me she's scared to live alone.She always think as if I am going to die earlier than her. But when I think about it sometimes I agree with her that mostly men die first than their wives only the lucky ones survive, so I hoped I'm the lucky man(he he ehe he)Anyway we hoped we will be together until the end of our lives,hopefully.......amen.
Sometimes we argued but no fight.(Thats how I got my HBP or may be due to age,either this two.)Anyway if you'll have a chance, please listen to my song"Siapa Tak Bini(Who Never Love Their Wives) sung and wrote by me.

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mohd rizan baba said...

Saya respect la dengan abang, walaupun live abang banyak dikerumuni artis-artis cantik tapi hingga sekarang abang tak teringin nak tangkap sorang macam komposer yang lain-lain tu. Terbukti dah cari dalam youtube Hang Mokhtar masih suci, kak Mun jangan risau.. kalau ada hot story (gossip)kami akan bagitau....ha.ha.ha.